Treecology operates across Chelmsford


We provide high quality, local services such as:

  • Cherry Picker hire
  • Tree Surgery
  • Crown Work
  • Felling
  • Hedge work
  • Site clearance
Site clearance

Cherry Pickers for hire in Chelmsford

Are you a Builder, Roofer or Tree Surgeon looking to hire a cherry picker locally?

Our Cherry Picker is available to hire in Chelmsford and surrounding areas on a day rate, complete with a certified and experienced operator.

If you are looking for a Cherry Picker in Chelmsford, Treecology is the simple solution for you.

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Site clearance

Tree Surgery in Chelmsford

Treecology has a team of expert, qualified Tree Surgeons available to hire in Chelmsford. If you need trusted Tree Surgeons in Chelmsford, we are a family run Tree Surgery business with over 15 years of experience.

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Site clearance

Crown Work in Chelmsford

We offer a range of Tree Crown Work services in Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Our team of experts specialise in:

  • Crown Reductions - Reducing the height or spread of the Crown of a tree
  • Crown Thinning - Reducing the density of the Crown of a tree
  • Crown Raising - Improving clearance by removing the lower branches of the Crown of a tree
  • Dead Wooding - Removing dead wood from within the Crown of a tree
  • Pollarding - Removing limbs on certain species of tree to prolong lifespan

Our professional Tree Surgeons in Chelmsford will advise you on how best to manage your trees. We will give guidance on what we think is the best course of action and carry out the work to the highest standard.

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Site clearance

Tree Felling in Chelmsford

Tree Felling in Chelmsford with Treecology includes services such as:

  • Straight Felling - Safely, and in a controlled manner, Felling trees entirely.from the base
  • Sectional Felling - Felling a tree in smaller sections by climbing (usually carried out if it is unsafe to straight fell a tree)
  • Coppicing - Pruning trees, shrubs and bushes from ground level

If you need help with Tree Felling in Chelmsford or the local area, click here to find out more about Tree Felling from Treecology.

Site clearance

Hedge Work in Chelmsford

We are here to support you with all your hedge trimming needs in Chelmsford and your surrounding areas. Depending on the level of maintenance needed, our experts will regularly tend to your hedges and provide the regular service you require.

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Site clearance

Site Clearance in Chelmsford

Whether you are clearing a site prior to construction work, extending a boundary, or clearing an overgrown garden, Treecology can help make the process quick and easy.

If you require site clearance in Chelmsford, our modern equipment makes the job straightforward for you or your building contractor.

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We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and therefore can always give you the best advice on caring for your trees. We will give you professional, honest advice based on the individual trees requirements and your needs.