Crown Reductions

Crown reductions will reduce the height and /or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of branches while maintaining the tree’s natural profile. Cuts are made to natural growing points so that the tree regenerates correctly.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of the smaller branches within crown of the tree to reduce the density of the crown. Crossing and rubbing branches are removed to prevent further damage to the cambium (bark).

Crown Raising

Involves the removal of lower branches to give pedestrians or vehicles better clearance. It is also performed to enable clear views through the lower part of the tree such as at the end of a garden over looking fields etc.


Deadwood can be a natural part of a tree and is an important feature for wildlife as is a great habitat for a wide range of species. Removing deadwood from within the crown especially over areas where failure may present a hazard to property or people etc. can be a requirement on safety grounds.


Pollarding is the removal of limbs back to old growth allowing large trees to be retained and/or prolong their lifespan, this can only be done effectively to certain species, which we shall advise you on. This method of work means that regular maintenance of the trees is then required after a few years to take back the new growth back to the previous cut points, depending on the species of tree dictates how often this needs to be.

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